Trojan Virus Attack

Retefe Trojan attack users of Facebook, Gmail, PayPal

The company ESET warns of large-scale cyber attack, the victims which are customers of European banks, along with the biggest number of users online services.

The goal of trespassers is embezzlement. It uses Trojan Retefe, which spreads out by means of e-mail attachments through certain files–for instance, invoices. After triggering the malware sets up a number of elements, consisting of the Tor (The Onion Router), and uses them for the proxy settings for the site of interest.

cyber-securityWhen the user of an infected PC logs in to the online bank or another Web site, the malware changes visited pages and intercepts registration data–login and password. This information is then used to take funds.

The first victims of cybercrime campaigns have become clients Tesco Bank. Overall produced about 40 thousand. Deceptive deals, with half of them ended in the theft of money. Suffered no less than 9 thousand. Consumers called the British bank.

The analysis shows that cyber crooks are likewise assaulting the users of Facebook, Gmail, PayPal and other services. 

Fraudulent Campaign impacted users of all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Sometimes, Retefe works in combination with a mobile element for tablets and Android/ Spy.Banker.EZ smartphones to bypass two-factor authentication.


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