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Find Your Android Smartphone

Find your Android smartphone using Android Device Manager. Google has actually rolled out an useful update to its Android Device Manager service–you can now get a lost phone to show a message and contact number, offering you another method of getting your handset back. This works in addition to the existing features that let you find, lock and clean your mobile.

The new choice is presenting now to both the Web interface and the main app for Android Device Manager. Under the lock settings you’ll have the ability to add a message that will be revealed to whoever gets the device, along with a single contact number that allows them to obtain in touch with you.

With a telephone number triggered, the only options for the person who has actually found the mobile are to correctly get in the passcode or place a call through to you. 

As for the recovery message, that’s completely up to you–you may want to entreat the phone’s finder to return it securely to you or offer up some kind of benefit. Take care to prevent distributing any individual details, such as your home address, till you understand you’re handling someone you can trust.

The capability to add a lockscreen message has been offered for a number of Android versions, and now you have the alternative to set one remotely. If you have not already configured Android Device Manager for your phone or tablet, you’ll discover it in the Google Settings app on your gadget. The associated app is only required if you wish to discover one Android device from another instead of going through the Web user interface.


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