How to Backup Your Operating System Windows 7

What is Windows 7 Operating System Backup? In Windows, running system backup describes support both system and boot files. As for the Windows operating system prior to Windows 7, such as, XP, Vista, Server 2003, the system partition and the boot partition have been assembled. So that just backing up the system drive is enough. Nevertheless, as for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, the users should back up both the boot and system partition. The boot partition is shown as “system booked partition”.

Why Need to Backup Windows 7 (8 and 10) Operating System?

Generally speaking, after the computer has been used for a time period, some disk problems, such as, system crash, would strike the computer system. Under these conditions, lots of users would decide to reinstall the operating system. But as all of us understand, the process of OS reinstallation is complicated and lengthy. What’s even worse, all the applications must be re-installed, too. So in order to avoid system and applications reinstallations, it can be the much better service to do a full backup of system drive. If there is any issue in operating system, the image file can be used to restore OS to the previous state in a short time.

Backup Windows 7 Operating System with Powerful Free Tool

How to Backup Your Operating System Windows 7 (8 and 10)  Easily with EaseUS Todo Backup Free? After searching on Google, you can easily know that there are a great deal of backup software application on the marketplace. However for the users who require backup operating system, selecting a tool low price and high performance is very important. As an effective and totally free backup software, EaseUS Todo Backup Free (download) can complete the task easily and perfectly. It has actually been included the specially created function of “system backup”, which would immediately support the boot and system partitions together. The photo below is the primary interface of this tool.

When it comes to the backup, it has actually been categorized into 3 types: Disk/Partition, File backup and System backup. What’s more, during the operation process, the backed up image file can be secured, compressed and divided. In addition, this tool can do disk/partition clone, image file monitoring, and so onFrom the presentation above, I, believe, the users should have understood why to and how to backup Windows 7 os to some level. So simply download this backup software application to have a try. It will not disappoint you!

Video:  How to Backup Your Operating System Windows 7,8, 8.1 and 10


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