Best Android Weather Apps

Among the first great uses for Android devices was providing the weather condition. At the time, it was so cool to just examine your phone and prevent the trouble of looking it up on a computer system or waiting for the regional weather forecast on TV. Weather apps have grown a lot given that the excellent old days and most of them now also include weather condition widgets for fast recommendation. It’s not as big of a function as it used to be, however everyone would like to know the weather condition so let’s take a look at the best weather apps for Android!

1Weather:Widget Forecast Radar

[Price: Free/ $0.99]

1Weather by OneLouder Apps has been around for a long time and is not just one of the most popular weather apps on this list, however likewise one of the greatest rated. It comes with your standard features like your day-to-day and per hour projection along with access to additional info. There are likewise some widget selections and the application itself is well designed. There is likewise daydream support, DashClock support, Android Wear support, and it’s offered in more than 25 various languages. It’s powerful, easy to use, and it looks great. The $0.99 charge is simply to remove ads so you get the complete app experience in either case. Viewer

[Price: Free]

Dark Sky is among the most popular weather condition apps for … that other platform … and it lastly came to Android previously this year. Dark Sky’s specialty is that its “hyperlocal” accuracy can tell you within minutes of when it’s in fact going to rain. In addition to that it’s got your standard weather condition information–present temperature level, highs and lows, what it really seems like, and so on. You also get precipitation info, windspeed, humidity and UV index.

You can get detailed details on the week ahead, hour by hour. A convenient map function reveals you where the rain (and snow) is, worldwide, at any given time. And you’ve got a wealth of alert choices, including an everyday summary, next-hour precipitation, severe weather alerts, and customized notifies based off your very own variables. Likewise, Dark Sky features a devoted do-not-disturb mode so you will not be bothered in the middle of the night (however as somebody living in Tornado Alley, I highly advise against it).


[Price: Free]

Accuweather by is a totally free alternative that offers you pretty much all of the information you require, consisting of extended forecasts, hourly projections, and the app itself is likewise well created. Other features include radar, Android Wear support, and the MinuteCast function that lets you check on precipitation on a minute basis (approximated, obviously). The application itself was revamped and it looks really good. The widget support exists, although the widgets are a little bit unimaginative.

Eye in the Sky Weather

[Price: Free/ $2.06]

Eye in the Sky Weather by CITC is an app our users requested we try and it ends up that it’s pretty good. The user interface is a flat matte design that looks great and the application consists of all of your many standard features, including existing weather, projections, and extended forecasts. There is also Dashclock support if you need that. The widget selection is above average and you can customize the weather widgets as well. It’s a bit basic relatively speaking, but it’s fantastic if you just need something fast and simple.

Google Now Launcher

[Price: Free]

Google Now has been changing a lot of things on Android phones and weather condition is one of them. The app will send you regular weather updates, weather condition notifies, and you can even request the weather and it will show you. Opening Google Now often puts the weather right on top so you can see it at a glimpse. It’s not a devoted weather app which indicates a lot of features, like extended forecast or weather condition radars require a little digging, but this is a terrific option for people who currently use Google Now that might simply need to glimpse at the weather condition quickly. It likewise currently comes on many Android devices.

GO Weather Forecast and Widgets

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

GO Weather by GO Launcher EX is a long period of time preferred for Android users and it ranks amongst the most successful and popular on the list. In regards to features, it runs the whole with existing weather condition, forecasts, radar, a smooth design, weather condition widgets, and even more obscure things like wind projections, lifestyle ideas, and more. There are also theming alternatives and a paid variation that eliminates external marketing. In general, it’s an above average weather app however it might be a bit on the bloated side.

WeatherBug – Forecast & Radar

[Price: Free]

WeatherBug is a long period of time favorite of Android users and it was one of the first genuinely full featured weather condition apps. Today, it’s absolutely free to use (without in-app purchases) and while that’s made some paid users dissatisfied, brand-new users get to use WeatherBug free. It consists of weather report, severe weather condition informs, widgets, as well as things like live weather condition and traffic webcams so you can see the weather. There is also a choice of weather condition widgets as a separate app to decorate your home screen that are quite good.

The Weather Channel

[Price: Free]

The Weather Channel has been a very long time authority on weather condition and on Android it’s no various. This app became popular very quickly based on its namesake alone. That said, it actually is a quite good weather condition app with all the info you could require including projections, notifies, current weather, radar, and smaller sized stuff like wind projection, pollen, as well as Weather Channel videos so you can keep up on the latest weather condition news. There is a mechanic called mPoints which don’t actually do much, however you can disable that in the settings to make the app run a bit smoother.

Weather Underground

[Price: Free/ $1.99 annually]

Weather condition Underground is a really qualified weather condition service and you may have seen their namesake as a weather condition service in other applications. It features a slick, vertical-style interface that contains a lots of details and it can be a little overwhelming until you get used to it. It offers you a lots of information consisting of current weather condition, projection, alerts, radar, and far more. There is a $1.99 each year membership which is optional that remove ads. If it helps, the development group has actually also been exceptional at listening to user feedback, which we actually liked.

Yahoo Weather

[Price: Free]

Yahoo has actually been very strongly enhancing their applications over the last few years and Yahoo Weather is a fantastic example of their effort paying off. It features stunning design and graphics with the necessary details, notifies, radars, and more. You can track approximately 20 cities. It’s distinctively developed and enjoyable to use although those who want Material Design may not like the different direction that Yahoo used for their style.


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