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What is a Chromebook Laptop?

A Chromebook is a laptop of a different type. Rather of Windows 10 or Mac OS X, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. These makers are designed to be used mostly while connected to the Internet, with many applications and files living in the cloud. As a result, these clamshells don’t have a lots of onboard storage, but they do not have large price, either.

Low prices, long battery life and Windows 10 confusion have many people thinking about a Chromebook. In reality, inning accordance with the NPD research firm, Chromebook sales topped Windows note pad sales during the early summer season of 2015. However is a Chromebook right for you? As PC producers release Windows 10 notebooks priced to take on Chromebooks, are there any that accumulate? Should you buy a various Chromebook just to use the Android apps coming soon? And how do you choose the best design for your needs and spending plan?

Our Chromebook purchasing guide has the responses to these and other questions.

Acer ChromebookNot long ago, we would utter the word “Chromebook” in the presence of a not-so-tech-savvy customer and get looked at like we’re speaking in Klingon. Not any more. Chromebooks controlled 2014, doubling their shipments and becoming nearly ubiquitous in schools and universities.

Chromebook is a different type of computer system. It runs on Google’s web-based Chrome OS, which is created to be used with an Internet connection. Most of Chromebook’s documents and apps exist in the cloud. And Google immediately provides 100 GB of cloud storage for every single Chromebook. This guide will rundown Chromebook basics and hypothesize if a Chromebook might be your next main computer system.

Chromebook 101

You can think of a Chromebook as an Internet-dependent laptop that starts up extremely fast (approximately 7 seconds, or a portion of the time it requires to boot an older model Windows-based computer system). When you switch on the Chromebook you’ll discover the only native app is the Google Chrome Internet internet browser. Which’s basically your key to all that is Chromebook. Whatever else is made up of Web apps (e-mail, images, files), or apps that run while you’re connected to a network. Google likewise throws in 100 GB of cloud storage for each Chromebook.

Samsung Chromebook 2
Samsung Chromebook 2

The obvious benefits of everything being saved money on the Web is that you’ll have access to it from any computer. Plus, if your Chromebook ever bites the dust, you won’t have to fret about losing all your apps, files, and settings

Chromebook Offline

  • A lot of Chromebooks can link to the Internet with both Wi-Fi and 3G, however there are times when you merely cannot find a Wi-Fi signal. Thankfully, there are workaround for a lot of routine tasks. You can still compose and check out e-mails with Gmail Offline and wordprocess with Google Drive Offline. The offline apps will instantly sync and conserve when your computer system has an Internet connection. Noted below are the tasks that Chrome OS can handle without Internet connection:
  • Check calendar for visits
  • Compose emails with Gmail Offline
  • Develop and edit documents with Google Drive
  • Keep in mind taking with Google Keep
  • Conserve web pages for offline reading
HP Chromebook
HP Chromebook

Gaming, nevertheless, is not truly Chromebook’s thing. Due to Chromebooks’ small storage and reasonably weak specs, offline gameplay is typically restricted to 2D games.

The specs that matter

Chromebooks normally do not stand apart since of their hardware. However, it’s best to know your choices.

RAM: Typically, Chromebooks have 2GB of RAM. However that’s beginning to change. Chromebooks are beginning to ship with 4GB optional. 

Storage Size: All Chromebooks feature a minimum of 16GB of storage. That’s plenty if you use Chromebook as Google intended. Some Chromebooks are offered with a 32GB SSD, which will be handy for anyone looking have a little more offline capability.

Processor: Chromebooks mostly use entry-level processors that can easily manage word processing, e-mails, and films however lag in more sophisticated treatments like running 3D games and handling two jobs at the same time.

Screen Size & Resolution: Chromebooks are used in several different screen sizes. The kit common is 11.6-inch but there are likewise 13, 14, and 15-inch options. The present alternatives don’t really impress in the screen department. We had a problem viewing the Samsung Chromebook 2 from any angle that wasn’t direct. And a lot of Chromebooks don’t provide HD resolution. That’s about to change, as the Acer Chromebook 15 (readily available at some point in 2015) will have a full-HD screen.

Battery Life: Chromebooks have long battery life. It’s not unusual to discover a Chromebook that can last throughout the day on one charge. Nevertheless, the very best Windows note pads can last longer.


For all the workarounds, there are times when Chromebook will fail. Along the same lines, most Chromebooks have a frustrating screen resolution. Which might not be a huge element when examining emails and using drive, however you’ll see when you aim to stream Netflix.

Printing and Bluetooth pairing is also a headache on Chromebooks. Google’s native Cloud Print isn’t actually up to par and Bluetooth pairing is inconsistent. Particularly disappointing when you find that the lion’s share of Chromebooks have major tracking pads troubles.

The best budget laptops

Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible
Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible

Maybe you noticed that Chrome controlled the budget plan laptop scene in 2014. Sure, several likewise priced Windows laptops that are equally excellent for the dollar, however Chromebooks are the best method to utilize performance suites online for under $350. Google’s Acer 720p consists of a touchscreen and fast processor, and an all-day battery life for $280, which, in spite of any offline deficiencies, gives you a lot of energy for a low-budget alternative.

Chromebook as a main computing device

So perhaps we aren’t drooling over the current batch of Chromebooks. For the many part, their specifications are underwhelming and web-based OS is excessive of a change. But that’s about to change. Example One: the Acer 15 Chromebook that debuted in Vegas previously this year. We’re about to see Chromebooks with full-HD options, all the time battery life, and Google’s fleet of useful apps.

It’s now reasonable to envision that a Chromebook can be used as a main computer. And if you do not think me, just take a look at the numbers. They’ve appeared on Amazon’s best seller list given that 2013 and Gartner predicts that Chromebooks will be delivering at a rate of 15 million in 2017. They may not be a powerhouse, or eye-catching, however they’ll tackle fundamental Internet tasks like the best of them.


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