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Portable Power Bank Reviews

We’ve all suffered the ignominy of a dead phone. The accusing looks and hushed criticism of avoided family and pals. That blank screen on the commute home that leaves you at the grace of your chatty travel companion. The abrupt loss of Google Maps as you develop into an unknown community. The sinking feeling as you realize your phone alarm didn’t go off due to the fact that you forgot to plug it in last night. Why oh why, must our smartphones die?

We feel your pain and that’s why we’ve been checking out some of the best external battery chargers on the marketplace. Till there’s a real development in battery innovation a portable charger may be the best service. We’ve got something here for you whatever your requirements might be, from a pail load of power for an outdoor camping trip, to a pocket-friendly top-up for the daily commute. 

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Best Portable Power Bank Reviews

Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000Key features:

Capacity– 10,000mAh.
Output– 1 ports (1.0A).
Weight– 170g. 
Price– ₤20.
VAT Quick, portable, high in capacity and affordable. There are numerous boxes the Anker PowerCore 10000 power bank does not tick, yet you ‘d be pressed to find fault with it at ₤ 20. An advised device for the approaching festival- and holiday.

Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi Power BankKey features:

Capacity– 10,000mAh.
Output– 1 ports (2.1A).
Weight– 250g. 
Price– ₤16.

Purchase from Xiaomi Tech Perfectly stabilizing mobility with capability, the Xiaomi power bank’s feature list and requirements is likewise much larger than you ‘d anticipate. Brilliantly designed, the Xiaomi 10,000 mAh Power Bank provides remarkable worth. It’s a strong rival to the Zendure A2 in top place in our chart, although the Zendure will show simpler to get hold of in the UK.

Iceworks Portable Charger Score

Key features:

Capacity– 5,000mAh.
Output– 1 ports (2.0A).
Weight– 90g. 
Price– ₤20

For Micro-USB-connected Android phones and recent-generation iPhones, the Iceworks 5000mAh Portable Charger is a god-send. It’s slim, trendy and easily portable with no have to bring additional cable. At ₤ 20 it’s terrific worth, too.

EasyAcc PowerBank 

EasyAcc PowerBankKey features:

Capacity– 10,000mAh.
Output– 2 ports (max 2.4 A ).
Weight– 250g.
Price– ₤12.99.
The EasyAcc Power Bank provides amazing value, and although we’ve seen power banks with nicer styles, few can match the features it offers at this price. Extremely suggested.

Carved Wood Power Bank

Key features:

Capacity– 12,000 mAh.
Output– 2 ports (1A and 2.1 A).
Weight– 345g. 
Price– $59.99.
It’s relatively expensive, sluggish to refill its own battery and comes with no advanced features, but we wouldn’t think twice to advise this charming hand-finished wooden power count on style premises alone. Just beware not to let the Carved Wood Power Bank get too hot.

Flux Portable Charger

Flux Portable ChargerKey features:

Capacity– 4,000 mAh.
Output– 2 built-in cables (1A and 2.1 A).
Weight– 88g.
Price– $30.
Time to totally charge– 3 to 4 hours.
This is among the slimmest portable chargers we’ve ever encountered. If you’re actually trying to find something pocket-sized, the Flux Charger is worth more than simply a glimpse. It’s a simple 7.8-millimeters thick and measures 108 x 62.8 millimeters. It’s also exceptionally light, but holds sufficient power to totally recharge your phone a minimum of once, possibly twice. It’s finished with a durable black or white aluminum, and features two built-in cable, a Micro USB cable, and a MFi-certified Lightning cable. There’s likewise a Micro-USB port for charging, which comes with a brief Micro USB to USB cable.
Tap the small button on the side, and the four tiny LEDs light up to show staying power. It doesn’t support fast charging, however, and we found that it took a number of hours to charge the large battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Thankfully, it ought to completely charge an iPhone in around an hour. The input for charging it is 1.5 A, so it takes a while to totally charge, but it does support pass-through charging, so you can plug it into the wall and your phone at the same time.

RAVPower Portable External Battery Charger

RAVPower Portable External Battery ChargerKey features:

Capability– 20,100 mAh.
Outputs– 3 ports (Type-C 3A, QC 3.0 2.4 A, and 2.4 A).
Weight– 377g.
Price– $60.
Time to completely charge– 4 to 5 hours.
This versatile charger has 3 output ports. There are two USB ports, both rated at 2.4 A, but one of them supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology. There’s also a USB Type-C port that can provide up to 3A for your laptop, tablet, or phone. There’s a huge power button up top with four blue LEDs to show remaining power.
Not just can it charge devices with QC 3.0 or USB Type-C, it can likewise be charged by either, which implies it’s very quick to juice up. You get two tangle-free USB to Micro USB cables in the box, but, sadly, there’s no USB Type-C cable therein. It likewise includes a soft, mesh bag sporting a drawstring closure.
It’s not the most portable device on the planet, however it’s remarkably compact and light for the capability. This is a great option for travelers with multiple gizmos. You can expect at least five full charges for an average smartphone, and it can even charge an iPad Air with change. If speed is essential to you and you have devices that support Type-C or QC 3.0, then this is a must-have.

BlitzWolf Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank

BlitzWolf Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Power BankKey features:

Capacity– 10,400 mAh.
Outputs– 1 port (up to 2.4 A).
Weight– 270g.
Price– $28.
Time to totally charge– 2 to 3 hours.
This power bank uses fantastic quality and an excellent range of features at an appealing price. It’s a chunky, heavy, wee device that’s simply under an inch thick, four inches long, and three inches throughout, so it will fit nicely in your pocket or bag. To make up the 10,400 mAh rating it actually has 4, 2,600 mAh LG batteries inside.
It’s very basic to use. There’s a power button which brings the 4 blue LEDs to life, to give a rough sign of remaining power. You have a single USB output and a Micro USB input for charging it up. Both support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 innovation, which is quickly. If you have a charger that supports it, then you can actually charge this power bank up to 60 percent in simply 30 minutes.
The output is smart enough to identify what you’ve plugged in, so it can cover 5V/2A for universal devices, 5V/2.1 A, 9V/1.8 A, and 12V/1.35 A (QC 2.0) for Android devices, and 5V/2.4 A for Apple devices. You likewise get a Micro USB charging cable in package. You can expect around 3 speedy, full charges for something like the Samsung Galaxy S6 from this power bank.

ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable Charger

ZeroLemon ToughJuice Rugged Portable ChargerKey features:

Capability– 30,000 mAh.
Outputs– 4 ports (2 x 2A and 2 x 1A).
Weight– 400g.
Price– $75.
Time to completely charge– 8 to 24 hours.
If you desire adequate power to keep your gadgets choosing a week in the wilderness, then this rugged power bank from ZeroLemon could be right up your street. It’s very big and heavy, but that’s the price you spend for a 30,000 mAh capacity. It’s likewise developed to cope with the outdoors, so there’s a dual-layer plastic covering to take in shock and port covers to keep dirt out, but it will not manage the damp.
It’s capable of charging up four devices simultaneously with a combined output of 6A divided into 2A/2A/1A/ 1A. You’ll have the ability to charge up an iPhone 6 or 6S around 10 times, a Galaxy S6 about 7 times, or an iPad Air a few times. There’s a round power button on the top with four LEDs integrated in to give you a concept about the remaining power.
You just get one Micro USB cable in package, however there are really two Micro USB ports to enable you to charge this up quicker, which is an advantage, since it can take 24 hours to charge with a single charger. It’s not going to suit everybody, however for a family or a group of good friends on an outdoor camping trip, this might be perfect.

Braven BRV-BANK Rugged Portable Battery

Braven BRV-BANK Rugged Portable BatteryKey features:

Capability– 6,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (2.4 A and 1A).
Weight– 277g.
Price– $100.
Time to totally charge– 4 to 5 hours.
If you’re looking for a rugged option you can take camping and to the beach without worry, then this is it. The BRV-BANK from Braven scores an IPX5 ranking, which suggests it is water resistant, and it fulfills military drop test standard 810G, which suggests it can make it through a fall unscathed. It also has a high-quality, 6,000 mAh battery which comes close to delivering the mentioned power. You can expect a minimum of two full charges for most of smartphones on the marketplace.
It’s not simply difficult, though, it’s also wise. You can install the totally free BRV-BANK Remote Battery Monitor App and use it to connect via Bluetooth. It will give you an accurate readout of remaining power, allow you to remotely turn ports on and off, and trigger “Bear Mode” which activates an alarm and makes the flashlight strobe when you move your phone. You can also use the alarm to find the battery, or trigger the practical S.O.S. mode when in a pinch.
It likewise comes bundled with a rugged USB to microUSB cable, a lanyard strap, and a clever USB flashlight accessory that discharges 100 lumens. There’s a power button and a Bluetooth pairing button on the BRV-BANK, and a five LED display to indicate staying power at-a-glance, without resorting to the app. It’s hard, reliable, and feels well-made. You can pick it up in black and blue, or grey and red.

Ventev Powercell 6000+ Charger

Ventev Powercell 6000+ ChargerKey features:

Capacity– 6,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 221g.
Price– $61.
Time to fully charge– 4 to 5 hours.
This portable battery charger takes mobility seriously by including an Air Conditioning adapter into the style. You can fold out the prongs and plug it directly into an electrical outlet to charge it up, or to charge your devices through it. There are two ports, standard 1A and a fast charge 2.1 A, and you can charge two devices simultaneously. All you’ll need to take along with it is your device and a USB to microUSB cable (there isn’t one in package).
You’re taking a look at around two complete charges for an average smartphone from the geared up, 6,000mAh-capacity battery. It’s a well-built charger, finished in matte grey with Ventev’s signature orange highlights. The power button on the front has actually an LED strip that gives you an idea of how much juice is left.

LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro

LinearFlux Lithium Card ProKey features:

Capability– 3,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (3A).
Weight– 107.5 g.
Price– $70.
Time to fully charge– 1.5 to 3 hours.
This extremely small, trendy portable charger is the second release from LinearFlux. It looks beautiful, with angular black plastic, framing a metal panel in gold, silver, or titanium. It’s only 89 x 58 x 14 mm in size, that makes it seriously portable. It’s likewise really fast-charging, if your device supports it, providing to 3A output. You can charge two devices simultaneously and HyperFET circuitry inside automatically chooses which device requires more present, with a total limit of 3A. It features built-in cable, a full-sized USB can be pulled out one side to charge up the Lithium Card Pro, and on the other side you’ll discover a pull-out microUSB or Lightning cable, depending on what you chose. There’s an extra USB output on the bottom, and a microUSB input with a small power button up top.
A thin strip beneath the central logo design comes to life as a white light when the power is turned on. It flashes when charging is in development, turns blue when it drops listed below 90 percent, and after that red below 10 percent. The Lithium Card Pro can likewise work as a syncing cable to backup data when plugged into a computer system or laptop, and it will charge itself and your phone simultaneously. You can expect at least one full charge for your phone, and this will gladly charge other devices, including the Apple Watch.

Emtec Power Pouch

Emtec Power PouchKey features:

Capability– 6,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 240g.
Price– $40.
Time to totally charge– 4 to 5 hours.
This pouch is a wise idea. It comes in Android or iOS tastes, with a built-in Lightning cable or a microUSB cable. The battery is sealed within a zipped pouch, and there’s a pocket in the front into which you can move your phone alongside the primary 2.1 A charging cable. There’s also a flexible closure to keep it safe and protected. If you open the zip there’s a built-in USB cable for charging it up, rated at 2A. You’ll likewise discover a backup USB port for charging another device at 1A. On the top corner of the device inside the pouch, there’s a basic four LED screen and power button, so you can see the remaining juice. You should get near to two full charges for your phone from the Power Pouch.

Mophie Powerstation Plus

Mophie Powerstation PlusKey features:

Capability– 6,000 mAh.
Output– 1 built-in cable and 1 port (2.1 A).
Weight– 160g.
Price– $80.
Time to totally charge– 3 to 4 hours.
Here’s an elegant battery pack that’s packed with useful features. The 6,000 mAh capability will be enough to totally charge any smartphone a minimum of as soon as. There’s a built-in cable with a Micro USB port, but Mophie also includes a Lightning connector that clips over the top for charging iOS devices. There’s also a second USB port for using your very own cable and you can charge two devices at the same time.
Charging speeds increase to 2.1 A, so there’s no QC support, however it will charge most devices quite quickly. It does support pass-through charging, so if you plug it into the wall and your phone, then it will charge your phone first, then start charging the battery pack. There’s a power button on the side and four white LEDs to show remaining battery life.
It’s rather a slim device, about the same profile as a smartphone, however a little thicker. The metal surface is available in space gray, increased gold, or gold. It’s comparatively costly for the capability, however it’s well made and has lots of features.

UNU Ultrapak Tour

UNU Ultrapak TourKey features:

Capability– 10,000 mAh.
Output– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 240g.
Price– $50.
Time to completely charge 1 hour 30 minutes.
The excellent feature of this external battery pack is how rapidly it can be charged up. There’s a dedicated round port for recharging with the supplied wall charger and if you use it then you can have a totally charged battery pack in an hour and a half. The downside to that is that you have to take the dedicated charger with you if you wish to recharge it, which clearly makes it less portable.
There’s an LED screen that reveals you the staying power as a percentage, and shows the number of minutes it will require to recharge it. There are also two ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time, one at a good 2.1 A speed and one at the slower 1A standard. It is rather large and chunky, however boasts sufficient juice to totally charge a Nexus 7 two times, with change.

Mophie Powerstation Pro

Mophie Powerstation ProKey features:

Capability– 6,000 mAh.
Output– 1 port (2.1 A).
Weight– 360g.
Price– $35.
Time to completely charge– 6 hours.
As a popular gamer in the battery case market for iPhones, it must come as no surprise that Mophie also use a variety of external battery chargers. The Powerstation Pro is offered on its merits as a rugged power option. The case is aluminum and steel with a rubberized bumper in black or orange, scoring this charger an IP65 score, which suggests it’s dust and water resistant. The protective plastic likewise consists of two port covers that turn available to expose the USB out, and microUSB in.
Thinking about the capability here there’s no question this is normally really costly (R.R.P. $100) and rather large, but you might be convinced if you need a tough, reliable option and it can be discovered more inexpensively sometimes. It will charge anything you can plug into the USB and outputs at approximately 2.1 A for fairly fast charging, though charging the Mophie itself using the cable provided does take a while. As an example you can anticipate around three full charges for an iPhone 6 from this battery.

iBattz Mojo Battstation Optimus Charger

iBattz Mojo Battstation Optimus ChargerKey features:

Capability– 20,400 mAh.
Output– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 400g.
Price– $76.
Time to fully charge– 15 to 16 hours.
If you need a lot of juice then this 20,400mAh-rated battery charger has more to provide than simply a silly name. You’ll get multiple smartphone charges from this thing, it’ll even fill up an iPad with a lot of power left over. It’s heavy, however it’s smaller than you may anticipate, considering the capability, and it has a good soft-touch rubber surface in black with an orange emphasize.
There’s a USB port at either end, and the spinal column plays host to the microUSB port for charging it up, the power button, and the built-in flashlight. It’s a somewhat odd plan. It also includes a 2A charger, a microUSB cable, a 30-pin adapter for Apple devices, and a Galaxy Tab connector. You can charge two devices simultaneously, but you may not get the complete marketed speeds. The downfall with this is the slow charging time for the charger itself, however it does deliver a great deal of power at a pretty affordable price tag, and the style readies.

Proporta Stripe TurboCharger Emergency Charger

Proporta Stripe TurboCharger Emergency ChargerKey features:

Capacity– 12,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 245g.
Price– $45.
Time to fully charge– 6 to 7 hours.
If you want something elegant that packs a lot of power, then this could be it. The Proporta Stripe showcases a black, soft-touch finish with a metal frame and power button. 4 LEDs illuminate on command to tell you how much of the 12,000 mAh capacity remains, and additionally, you can recharge your smartphone rapidly through the 2.1 A USB port while simultaneously charging a second device with the 1A USB port. You can anticipate a minimum of four charges for a Galaxy S5 or an iPhone 6 Plus.
The charger is relatively light and slim considering its capability, however it stays heavier than many smartphones of the same size. It likewise features a standard Micro USB to USB cable, in addition to a Micro USB port for charging it up, which takes a while. This is a good-looking and solid charger, however it is on the pricey side.

Bestek Car Jump Starter

Bestek Car Jump StarterKey features:

Capacity– 10,000 mAh.
Outputs– 3 ports (600A vehicle starter, 2 USB up to 2.4 A).
Price– $57.
Time to totally charge– 3 hours.
This is something a little various. It doesn’t just charge smartphones and tablets from the two USB ports (ranked at up to 2.4 A with a limit of 4.2 A between them). This charger also features a 600A outlet and jumper cables to get your car began when you have a dead battery. It’s also equipped with 4 LED indicators, so you have an idea how much juice is left, in addition to a built-in flashlight with an SOS mode for signaling others when you break down.
Moreover, the entire package can be found in an useful bag that consists of a power adapter, a car charger, a USB cable with various connectors, and jumper cables. There’s also a full set of directions with clear labels. The mentioned capacity is certainly positive, however you’ll still get about two or 3 charges for a typical smartphone. It works respectable as a jump starter and flashlight, though, there are much better choices if you’re looking for something purely for charging your devices.

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable Charger

Poweradd Pilot 2GS Portable ChargerKey features:

Capacity– 10,000 mAh.
Outputs– 2 ports (2.1 A and 1A).
Weight– 258g.
Price– $17.
Time to completely charge– 5 to 6 hours.
The Pilot’s heavily-discounted price is absolutely nothing except attractive. It offers two USB ports, a blue 2.1 A port and a 1A port, permitting you to simultaneously charge two devices. It also showcases an aluminum body that’s presently available in three colors, in addition to a more pricey version featuring plastic covers available barrage of other colors. It’s fairly light-weight, too, and will suit many pockets.
The Pilot charges through Micro USB using the supplied cable, enabling you charge your iPhone roughly 3 times, or twice if using an Android phone lined with a huge battery (i.e. the Galaxy S5). You’ll likewise the discover the familiar, four LED indicator system that lets you know the device’s remaining power at a glimpse. Just tap the button to brighten them.

Lepow Poki Ultra-Slim External Battery Pack

Lepow Poki Ultra-Slim External Battery PackKey features:

Capacity– 5,000 mAh.
Outputs– 1 port (2.1 A).
Weight– 140g.
Price– $35.
Time to totally charge– 3 to 4 hours.
The curved, svelte style of the pastel-colored Poki makes it incomparably pocketable (hence the name). It’s more appealing and more comfortable to deal with than many of its competitors. There might just be one USB port, however importantly it sports a 2.1 A output for fairly fast charging times. There’s likewise a Micro USB for charging it up.
If you want to inspect the remaining power you simply slide your finger along the strip on the front and it blinks into life. It comes with an environment-friendly pouch, sporting an elastic closure. The only dissatisfaction is the weird, exceptionally short, flat, grey USB to Micro USB charging cable that can be found in package. This will comfortably charge an iPhone 6 or a premium Android smartphone twice with some battery left over. An additional $10 gets you the bigger, 10,000 mAh version.


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