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Foldable Computer Monitor

Today I wish to tell you about a distinct task–a folding SPUD screen with a screen diagonal of 24 inches. When you’re going somewhere where you might have to enjoy TV, play games or make a presentation in field conditions, to take a genuine display–not the best idea. You can state that this job is simple to manage laptop, smartphone or tablet. But even the biggest screens of such devices hardly ever go beyond 17 inches (when it comes to a laptop). That is why designers created Arovia monitor SPUD–Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (spontaneously fold-out display screen–eng.).

The design of the display screen is so built that includes a projector, a metal frame, similar to those used in umbrellas, and a rag cover and screen. Screen SPUD, made of vinyl, does not crease when folded, which will eliminate the appearance of folds, misshaping the image. Unique optics designed particularly for the SPUD, does not need a big distance from the projector to the screen. This is the benefit and assisted to create such a handheld device for displaying details. Just put the display in just a few seconds, connect your smartphone or any device with HDMI user interface. It’s in the bag.

24-inch screen that’s much larger than the screen of your smartphone. When folded the screen is like a medium size book (17 x 5.5 x 19 cm). The brightness of the built-in screen projector is 350-785 nits and native resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. The screen revitalize rate is 120 Hz. In addition, the screen is mounted mono speaker. Built-in projector batteries lasts for 3-6 hours of continuous operation, depending on the setting of brightness.

When it comes to the cost of the display screen, here things are not so rosy, provided the currency exchange rate of the dollar versus the ruble. For those who support the task, the cost will be $ 349 per device. After getting the screen is on sale it will cost $ 499. This must occur in June 2017.


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