Hacking Smartphones Over WiFi

Your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge Not only can your smartphone be hacked, it can be done really quickly without your knowledge. ” At the end of the day, whatever is hackable. What I am surprised about is that individuals in some cases forget that it’s so easy to hack into these devices,” […]

Apple Iphone

Wireless Charging iPhone 8

Wireless charging could be basic on Apple’s next iPhone The next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 8, might come equipped with wireless charging as a base function. While not verified in any main capability, Foxconn, an Apple manufacturing partner, is said to be testing wireless charging modules designed for the prepared 2017 release of the smartphone.

Samsung’s new patent hints at a foldable smartphone

What is a Foldable Smartphone?

A current patent application from Samsung reveals a brand-new smartphone with a collapsible design. The patent was filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and was first identified by Dutch website GalaxyClub. Samsung’s patent likewise provides us a first glance at the design of the phone they are aiming to produce. Back in 2015, Samsung […]

Android application

Google Play Not Working

Google Play not working? I will help You. We’ve all experienced a Google Play Store issue eventually. Whether it’s a mistake message when downloading apps, or the Play Store simply will not open, we have the options. Here’s what you can do when the Google Play Store doesn’t work for you.

alarm clock and coffee bean

Best Alarm Clock App Android

We as people just have many things in common. All of us eat, sleep, use the restroom and, generally, all of us wake up after falling asleep. The alarm clock is a component in the bed room and smartphones serve that function for a ton of individuals. Sometimes, the stock alarm clock app just does […]

Xiaomi Redmi

Redmi 4 Latest News

Xiaomi to Formally launch the Redmi 4 on the 4th of November. Over the previous few months and weeks, one truly popular name that has actually been appearing and re-appearing online is Xiaomi and they are the center of tourist attraction yet again with yet another smartphone to hit the racks on the 4th of November […]