Washing Machine with Allergy Cycle

Electrolux made a genuine transformation in cleaning efficiency with its EFLS617SIW washering. The paired clothes dryer, the Electrolux EFME617SIW, does not provide some brand new innovation for getting your clothes dry in no time flat, however what it does, it does really, very well.

Electrolux Washing Machine and Dryer with Allergy Cycle

Touch that dial

Like its paired washer, the EFLS617SIW, this Electrolux clothes dryer took a page from the Nest design handbook–a good-looking, illuminated dial is a key part of the home appliance’s user interface. The dial smartly lights up with the estimated time staying in the cycle. On the display, you’ll likewise get messages, like a tip to clean the lint trap. The power button is to the left of the dial, and a number of controls are to the right. These let you personalize your cycle a little additional, but to keep your delicates intact, the machine prevents you from choosing particular features based on the cycle.

As you press the temperature level (sterilize, high, typical, low, and air dry), dryness level (max, high, normal, less, and damp), time (30 to 75 minutes, in 15-minute increments), and choice buttons, they cycle through the lists, with a white light appearing beside the choice. There are also start/pause and cancel buttons at the end of the panel. The buttons are incredibly delicate, and while you cannot change the settings and choices mid-cycle, it’s fairly easy to knock into the start button and stop briefly the machine.

The alternatives let you include steam to assist eliminate wrinkles and static, add time however conserve energy in eco mode, topple the load once in awhile if you cannot empty the dryer immediately, postpone the cycle’s launch to 12 hours, and lock the controls between cycles. The idea, however, is that the auto-selected alternative is generally the appropriate one; if you always use “air dry” with the timed dry cycle, nevertheless, the clothes dryer will bear in mind that and hint it up.
The stainless steel drum has 8 cubic feet of capacity. A bright white light inside it remains on for about three minutes, which need to suffice time for you to discover stray garments.


Great deals of clothes dryers come with moisture sensors nowadays. They’re implied to conserve your clothes from over- or under-drying. The EFME617SIW’s manual warns you that the time that shows up on the dial is generally lying to you: “Actual drying time might be longer or shorter than shown.” When we plopped in wet clothing that made up a smaller sized load than our average, the dryer sped through the cycle. The lengthy towel cycle (it takes 91 minutes) gets bumped as much as 116 minutes when you turn the warm up to the sanitize setting. Nevertheless, with a load of sheets and a couple towels inside, the clothes dryer shut off after an hour and a half; the clothes were totally dry. This wasn’t true with the 15-minute cycle; we overwhelmed it with 11 t-shirts, a hoodie, and some underwear, and they came out wet. Considering it’s meant for extremely, extremely small loads, it still handled to do a good task with a huge pile of laundry.

Wetness sensors make the dryer times more unpredictable, but they won’t leave you with a drum filled with damp or overheated clothes. It also indicates the machine isn’t really needlessly wasting energy. The sensors belong to the factor this dryer is Energy Star certified.


Electrolux best washing machine with allergy cycle. Since we liked the EFLS617SIW a lot, it’s good that its paired dryer, the EFME617SIW, is also a champ. It has lots of helpful alternatives, like the sterilize setting and irritant cycle. The wetness sensing units work very well, so our clothes always came out dry. We were never ever quite sure when they ‘d be done, but options like hold-up start and wrinkle release exist to make sure you can be there when the drum stops spinning.

There’s a lot to like about this $1,099 clothes dryer (on sale at Sears for $900). Our most significant complaint is that it may be hard to fold laundry on top of the clothes dryer without accidentally knocking into the control panel and stopping briefly the cycle–and that’s about all we have to complain about. 


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