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What is the Best Electric Fireplace?

An electrical fireplace is an excellent alternative to a real fireplace. You can avoid the problems that feature real fireplaces such as needing to tidy up ashes and guaranteeing that smoke and waste gas from the flames are correctly vented. Electric fireplaces don’t usually need any unique installation and only need a routine electric outlet to run.

There are a variety of fireplaces to pick from to suit your specific requirements. You can choose from different types, designs and even electrical fireplaces with special features. With lots of contemporary electric fireplaces having push-button controls, you can delight in a lot more benefit. 

Electric Fireplace Purchasing Guide

Types of Electric Fireplaces

You’ll be pleased to find out that there are a great deal of electrical fireplaces to pick from. Integrated in electric fireplaces are fantastic options for renovation or building and construction. You can likewise find electric fireplaces that have a low profile and do not use up much of the space. There is a type of electric fireplace for every home’s decor.

  • Wall Mount. Wall mounted fireplaces are connected to the wall instead of having to stand on the floor. This can be an excellent way to save floor area and is likewise a safe option if you have children. They have a reasonable flame screen and expel heat around the room. They typically include a remote control so that controls on the fireplace don’t need to be reached or on screen.
  • Freestanding. Freestanding fireplaces are the most convenient kind to set up. You just require an electric outlet near where you desire the fireplace to be located. No unique brackets or assembly is needed so you can enjoy your fireplace in the quickest quantity of time possible. They appropriate home appliances to change an unused genuine fireplace and give a practical appearance.
  • Corner Electric Fireplace. If you just have a small room and would like a corner device, then a corner electrical fireplace is the best choice. Just like the freestanding fireplaces, they are simple to install and do not require any unique setting up. They have a narrow profile that is developed to suit a corner and conserve space.
  • Electric Fireplace Insert. Electric fireplace inserts are intended to permit the user to retrofit a brand-new fireplace into their existing fireplace area. Sensible looking log screens and whole fireplace inserts give the impression of a real fire, but without the smoke, ashes and gases that have to be vented. You’ll likewise benefit from the heat that these fireplace inserts offer.
  • Electric Fireplace with Mantel. If you do not have an existing fireplace for a real fire, then you can produce the impression of one with an electric fireplace with mantel. A reasonable looking electrical fireplace forms the center of this feature. Around the electric fireplace is a mantel frame. Some of these frames are strong and large enough to support a flat screen TV.
  • Electric Fireplace TV stand. For a genuinely space saving option, an electric fireplace TELEVISION stand is a perfect choice. A reasonable looking electrical fireplace provides the primary focal point of the TELEVISION stand. You will generally be able to manage the temperature level and brightness of the flame with a remote control. Around the fireplace is a TELEVISION stand that will consist of racks down the sides with an upper rack that can hold a TV. You should make sure that the TV stand would be able to support the size of TV that you want to use.

How to Choose an Electric Fireplace


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A fireplace includes both heat and a relaxing atmosphere to any home, however basic fireplaces likewise need a great deal of effort to get the heat and atmosphere you might be aiming to give your home. In addition, routine fireplaces need a chimney or a flue, have live flames and smoke, and take a great deal of upkeep to keep clean.

Electric fireplaces, however, give you the heat a space heater would give you, however also the ambiance that flames can offer. The best part is you will not be slicing wood, dealing with coal or constructing the fire. 

Electric vs. Standard

Along with the low maintenance and virtually no effort, electrical wall fireplaces have a handful of other advantages and benefits over traditional fireplaces. Most importantly, an electrical fireplace supplies heat to any space in a matter of minutes, and all you need to do is press a button. Additionally, you can run the fireplace from throughout the room with the push-button control.

Smokeless fireplaces also don’t need all the work that a standard fireplace does, such as slicing or buying wood, building the fire, cleaning up the unit, and making certain the chimney stays tidy. Additionally, you can even just have the ambiance a fireplace can provide without the heat element if you desire.

Heat Technology

Wall-mount electrical fireplaces run so merely–all you have to do is plug the system into an electric outlet and turn it on, adjusting the settings on either the control panel or with the remote control.

However how do electrical fireplaces work? When you turn the unit on, the metal coils inside warm up and the fan pushes the warm air out of the vent, which is typically on the top or the bottom of the unit, and into the space. They actually are that basic. And depending upon the system, you might be taking a look at up to 5,000 Btu of heat, which is a lot.

A lot of electric fireplaces only have a few various settings–low, high and no heat. However, many systems also have temperatures settings, enabling you to figure out the temperature level you desire the room to be.

Compared to standard fireplaces that have live flames and smoke and are hot to the touch, electrical fireplaces are much more secure for homes with children. Additionally, most electrical fireplaces have a shut-off feature that ensures the system switches off if it gets too hot.

Smokeless fireplaces are very easy to use, too. A lot of can be managed with the touch of a button on the unit or with a push-button control.

Electric Fireplaces: What We Evaluated, What We Found

During our assessment of electrical fireplaces, we considered the heating ability, style and convenience of each system. Heating ability and design were weighted heavier than the convenience features of the unit.

Heating capability is the most important element of an electric fireplace that you should consider before determining which one is right for your home. We looked at the number of heat settings each unit had–most units feature two, just a low and a high setting, but some have more. Lastly, we considered the power element of the unit–the Btu and wattage.

The Btu of an electric fireplace is essentially its capability to warm the preferred area. Most electrical fireplaces are created to warm a 400-square-foot room fairly rapidly and have a Btu capacity of 4,500 to 5,000. The bigger the Btu capacity, the quicker the unit will warm the suggested area. In addition, the wattage is the necessary power it requires to operate the unit. An unit with a greater wattage draws more power to operate. The majority of electrical fireplaces have wattage of 1,400 to 1,500.

Style was likewise a significant consideration in our evaluation of electric fireplaces. We took a look at the weight and measurements of each unit, and features that make them modern-day and smooth. The weight and dimensions of the units are necessary to consider when identifying which electrical fireplace you want to place in your house, however they did not impact the ranking of the electrical fireplaces on the lineup.

Numerous electrical fireplaces come with flame impact, which offers you the ambiance of a fireplace with or without the heat output. Other style features include the fuel bed and LEDs that give the fireplace its life.

What Else Is Important in Selecting an Electric Fireplace?

Aside from heating capability, style and benefit features, there are a couple things you must consider prior to including an electric fireplace to your home and identifying which one is right for you.


Depending on where in your house you’re going to install your wall-mounted electric fireplace, you’ll have to consider the size. These smokeless fireplaces been available in all various widths and heights. However, in general, they range in size from 26 inches wide to 50 inches wide and 17 inches high to 24 inches high.


Setting up a wall-mounted electrical fireplace in your house does not require major remodeling of your home or restoration of the wall you plan to put it on. Electric fireplaces can be installed rapidly and without much effort, too. Most systems come with the needed installing hardware and guidelines to mount the unit by yourself in a matter of minutes.


Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are normally covered by an one-year warranty. 

Electric Fireplaces: Our Verdict and Recommendations

It’s essential that you pick the right type of fireplace for your requirements. For total portability, choose a smaller sized fireplace, but if you’ve got a big TELEVISION that you’re unable to install on a wall, you must take a look at the mantel and media stand fireplaces.

To save floor area, you can buy wall-mounted fireplaces that give the modern look to your space. They’re not just for decor either as they can produce adequate heat to effectively heat up an entire space too.

Electric fireplaces are cost efficient to run and eco-friendly. They also require very little assembly and installation so you can use them quickly and move them around with ease if you want to rearrange your space layout.

An electric fireplace offers comparable heating results in a basic fireplace. However, electric fireplaces use all of the heat and ambiance you may be looking to contribute to your home without the hassle a basic fireplace needs. Furthermore, the contemporary and smooth look of a wall-mounted electric fireplace will give any room in your home an instantaneous makeover.


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